Sunday, October 30, 2005

Peres calls for Iran to be expelled from UN

In the wake of the outrageous comments made by the president of Iran to wipe Israel from the face of the world, Israel's Vice Prime Minister Shimon Peres says that the UN should expel Iran from the UN, although this is not the "official" policy statement of Israel in reaction to those remarks.

That is unlikely to happen, though, and to be honest, I don't think that's a good idea. Why not? Because of the possible adverse effects on the common Iranian people, and especially the dissidents who already face enough adversity as it is. From what I've been reading and hearing, there is a growing majority of Iranians who are decidely unhappy with their government, and with their governments policies, but who can't (or won't - yet) do anything about their government, due to its repressive nature. Expulsion from the UN might trigger an even more pronounced "Us vs. Them" mindset in Iran (right now, it's mainly the sentiment of the government, not necessarily that of the common people), which could possibly undo the work that the dissidents are doing.

Better than expulsion from the UN is regime change, affected by "outside interests", in support of that growing majority of disaffected Iranians, starting say, sometime after December 15th, maybe?

NOPD deserters fired

As reported here, 45 cops, and 6 civilian employees of the NOPD have been fired outright from the police department for desertion during Hurricane Katrina, while 3 others (2 cops, 1 firefighter) were rejected for employment by the Dallas PD because of allegations of desertion. The people who were fired are part of the 240 that are under investigation for going MIA during Hurricane Katrina.

The NOPD has been looked upon as the most corrupt police force in the US for a long time, due to criminal acts perpetrated by officers, both on and off duty, with the most recent allegations being that members of the force stole over 200 luxury cars to be able to leave Louisiana ahead of Hurricane Katrina.

Hopefully for the citizens of New Orleans, this investigation will weed out the worst of the offenders, and send a message to the remaining members of the force to straighten up, fly right, and act like police officers are supposed to act - preventing crime instead of committing crime!

"Groundswell" says change is possible

As reported here, the Christian organization, Groundswell, says that it is possible for gay/lesbian teens to change their lives, while the gay/lesbian folks angrily say it's not possible, while the moonbat leftist Ken Schram pontificates on this in his usual non-sensical way.

Let me clue you in to something folks. Through God, ALL things are possible, even becoming "straight". I personally know this to be a fact. Was I gay at one time? No, but I was a heavy drug user, with no way to stop using drugs on my own. When I turned my life over to Jesus, however, He took my need to use drugs completely away, and I have been clean since 1978, and I consider myself to be a recovered (not recovering) drug user. That was a radical change for me, in that, I lived my life to use drugs. My whole reason for being, as it were, was to get high, but I knew that if I continued down that path that my life was going to be short. As a matter of fact, I predicted - no, boasted - to my friends that I would not live past my 21st birthday. Fortunately for me, I was wrong about that, and have made it 38 years more than I once predicted/boasted.

Contrary to what the gay/lesbian advocates will have you believe, I do not believe that we are "born" gay or straight; rather, I believe that it is a choice. So, if these kids really want to choose to change their lifestyle, it is possible for them to do so.

My question to the gay/lesbian folks is, how do you know it isn't possible to change? Have you even tried? Or are you so close-minded that you won't even try?

Sunni's form political bloc in Iraq

As reported here, three Sunni groups have formed a coalition to field up to 230 candidates in the upcoming elections in Iraq, deciding that they want to play the game, after all. They are also said to be trying to get "insurgents" to lay down their arms, and are pressing the US for a withdrawal. Oh, and to fill space, mention was made of the UN report due out regarding UNSCAM. What that has to do with the Sunni's participating in the upcoming elections escapes me, really, but I digress.

This is actually good news. Participation in the election process by the Sunni's gives all sides a voice in how their government is formed, and will prevent the Shiites and Kurds from having complete domination of the political process in Iraq, a situation that could have had dire consequences to the development of a true democratic form of government.

The other good news, is their attempt to persuade the "insurgents" to lay down their arms. They want the US to withdraw, right? Well, the quickest way to see that happen is if the "insurgents" quit shooting at, and blowing up, people. If they can be successful at this, and if all of the foreign terrorists are rounded up, and if the borders are more effectively sealed against the influx of more terrorists, and if the political process is allowed to fully develop, the need for a US-Coalition presence will disappear, don't you think? After all, that's why we are still there, right?

Those are all big "ifs", but the inclusion of the Sunni's in the political process is a start at dealing with all of those "ifs".

Judge rules against political free speech again

As reported here, the same misguided Thurston County judge has once again over stepped his bounds, ruling against KVI radio hosts Kirby Wilbur and John Carlson, and the organizers for the I-912 campaign, ruling that on air comments by Wilbur and Carlson were "in kind" campaign contributions, and must be reported to the state Public Disclosure Commission as such.

This latest ruling will be appealed to the state supreme court, of course, as this violates both the Federal and State Constitutions free speech clauses. This has chilling implications if allowed to stand, in that, if you publicly endorse an initiative, referendum, or candidate in any form of media, whether it be TV, radio, newspaper, or blog, you could be subject to campaign finance rules requiring the organizers to report what you are saying as an "in kind" political contribution, which could mean that you would be silenced by the government if they don't like what you're saying.

I for one, refuse to be silenced, and will continue to write what I feel is the truth, and will defend my ability to do so on Constitutional grounds, all the way to the Federal Supreme Court if need be.

Don't like what I write? Too bad. Deal with it!

Mike McGavik officially announces run for Senate

As reported here, Safeco Insurance CEO Mike McGavik has officially announced his intention to run for the GOP nomination to run against current Sen. Maria "Can't-do-well".

State Dem chairman Paul Berendt says McGavik has "no chance" to defeat "Can't-do-well". Oh, really? Note to Paul - don't count your chickens before they're hatched, pal.

Going off half cocked

Once again, the P-I Editorial Board goes off half cocked about a subject that they are intellectually clueless about, saying that recently passed legislation protecting gun manufacturers and dealers from product liability lawsuits is unnecessary.

Let me put it this way. A gun is a tool, which when properly used is as safe as any other tool. Suing a gun manufacturer or dealer because a gun is used in the perpetration of a crime, rather than suing the user of the gun, is akin to someone who, while using a hammer hits his finger instead of the nail, suing the manufacturer of the hammer or the hardware store where the hammer was purchased, instead of taking responsibility for his own inept use of the tool.

Any tool, when used properly, is safe, while any tool used improperly can be dangerous, if not deadly. But, is that the fault of the manufacturer or the dealer? No! The responsibility of the safe use of any tool rests entirely with the user, period. End of story.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

PETA employees indicted on animal cruelty charges

As reported here, two employees of PETA - the so-called People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - have been indicted on 25 felony counts for cruelty to animals, after carcasses of dead dogs and cats were found improperly disposed of after being euthanized.

This is just the tip of the iceberg with these people, folks. For more detailed information regarding PETA's cruelty to animals, go here.

Hat tip - Littlebee55

Two education reform bill proposals

From Human Events on Line, two education reform bill proposals that are interesting, especially since the NEA is already up in arms over them. Even though I don't have kids, by being a tax payer, I still have a stake in education and how it is funded. Over the last several years, we have seen literally billions of dollars wasted in failed programs (can you say Ebonics, anyone?), producing fewer properly educated children (who can read, spell and do math), while at the same time, we have seen real education reform efforts either gutted, or killed, by the NEA and local teacher unions who believe they are the sole arbiters of "quality education" for our children - when in fact, their "programs" amount to nothing more than socialized, leftist, revisionist indoctrination, crammed down our childrens throats by former leftist hippies who can't, or won't, get an honest job anywhere else.

Do you want to see real change in public education? Do you want more choice as to where you send your children, and how that choice is paid for? Then
contact your representatives in Congress, and tell them that you want them to support both of these bills. If they hesitate to do so, remind them of their own words about the need for "quality education" for our children, and tell them to put their money where their mouth is.

These are OUR children, and this is OUR money, not the NEA's or the local teachers unions, and WE should have a say in where our children are educated, and how that education is paid for, not non-representative organizations who are really only looking out for themselves, and not our children's, nor our nations, best interests.

What a tangled web

On-going UNSCAM investigations are turning up a very tangled web of deceipt, subterfuge, money laundering, and links - if only financial - between Saddam's regime and Al-Queda. If the information discovered by Fox News' investigation pans out, proving a concrete link between Saddam and terrorists, this will prove to be a signifigant "smoking gun" that probably won't make it to the front pages of the MSM.

SR 99 Viaduct and SR 520 floating bridge ready to fail?

As reported here, and as I have mentioned before, both of these structures are in dire need of, not just repair but, replacement. According to state government sources, I-912 which would repeal the latest gas tax increase imposed by the Dem dominated legislature, would make repair or replacement of these vital roadways virtually impossible. But that isn't necessarily correct, as John Carlson points out in this op-ed piece.

I fully agree that both of these roadways do need to be replaced, as they are both disasters waiting to happen. However, I do not believe that an increase in the already 28 cent per gallon gas tax is the way to go to get these bridges replaced. Rather, I believe that better prioritization of the spending of funds already raised through the current 28 cent per gallon tax is the way to go.

Our legislators, and state agencies, have consistently refused to look at cutting costs first, before asking for more money for pet projects. I cannot tell you how many times I have driven past road construction in progress, and have seen one person working, while two or more others have been standing there "supervising" the one who is doing the work. As with most government agencies, I believe that there is a problem of being "top heavy" with mid-management level employees, "supervising" too few people who are actually doing the work. Labor costs being what they are, I'm sure that if the bloated employee rolls were cut, there could be a signifigant savings realized.

Private businesses are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency, and to cut costs. Why can't the government do the same? Yes, fix the 520 floating bridge and the Viaduct, but do it within the revenue already being generated!

Encouraging news in the fight against breast cancer

As reported here, the cancer fighting drug, Herceptin, which has been used for late stage breast cancer treatment, shows promise in treating early stage breast cancer. Although some have used the word "cure", I believe that it is too early to unequivocally say that, as the studies used were of short duration, but this is a welcome advance in the fight against one of the leading causes of death for women.

Kudos to Genentech!

Iraqi's more confident in themselves

Michael Rubin explains why Iraqi's are more confident in themselves than most American pundits and policy makers are.

Most of the news we hear from Iraq is totally negative. Car bombs, the daily litany of Americans giving their lives for the sake of freedom (although it isn't expressed in that manner by the MSM, of course), so-called "insurgents" (read terrorists, the word that must never be said or printed by the MSM - wouldn't want to upset them now, would we?) attacking Iraqi Army and
Police recruiting stations, etc., etc., ad nauseum. These are the things that are being looked at by the so-called "experts", and by the policy makers, and because of the negativity, many of them are on the verge of panic, and demanding that President Bush set a definite withdrawal date.

And yet, the truth of the matter is this. Iraqi's have confidence in themselves, and in their political process succeeding. How so? As Mr. Rubin points out, hundreds of thousands of Iraqi's who had fled the Saddam regime are returning. People who lack confidence flee the situation, not return. The Iraqi real estate market is booming. People lacking confidence in a situation buy gold and jewels, which can be easily hidden for when they flee. They don't buy real estate if they have no confidence that the law will protect their investment. Foreign investment is up, and will continue to grow.
The Iraqi's also recently turned out in the millions to vote on their country's new constitution, establishing a democratic form of government. People with no confidence would not have voted.

That is the truth in Iraq, and why the Iraqi people are more confident in themselves than the American pundits, the so-called "experts", and the policy makers.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

'Help! Mom!' casts liberals as villains

As reported here, a new children's book describes liberals as villians. Well, aren't they?

Maybe not all "progressive" liberals, but their national agenda is villanous in many ways, certainly anti-American at the least, eh?

Oh, and note how the lib-whiners mention the word 'Nazi' in their crying about this book. If they can't offer up a substantive, logical, argument against something, they resort to invoking the 'Nazi' word. How 'tolerant' of you to do that.

Note to libs - Nazi stands for National Socialism, so that old, evil, doctrine is more closely attuned to your old, tired, and in many ways evil, Socialist doctrines. Quit using that appelation when talking about Conservatives, or our opinions.

Many on KC voter rolls twice?

Many on KC voter rolls twice? According to the state GOP, there are over 2,000 people registered twice, conceivably allowing them to also vote twice, unless the voter rolls are corrected. Embattled KC Elections Director Dean Logan says the GOP is on a "witch hunt", and says that he hasn't seen the information the GOP has to base their claims on.

Hey, Dean! You're in charge of the Elections Department (just in case you forgot), therefore you have access to ALL of the voter rolls in KC. Why don't you use "due diligence" and check them yourself? Or, at least have someone competent in your department do it. Oh, wait - that's presupposing that you have anyone competent in your department that could do that. Never mind. Silly me!

More thoughts on the UN's desire to control the Internet

After posting about this insanity here, and here, I found this rather amusing nugget of an opinion by Silent Running here.

I don't think I could have said it any better.

Hat tip: agtiger

Well, it's a start

As reported here, the King County Council has forwarded their election reform proposal to KC Executive Ron "King" Sims.

Will Sims sign off on it? All I can give you is a "maybe".

Guilty as charged

As reported here, Mayor Nichols has been found guilty of the ethics charge brought against him (which I posted on here), and has been ordered to repay the costs of his little brag-fest to the taxpayers.

Gee, why doesn't that surprise me?

Religion of Peace?

Defenders of Islam constantly carp about how non-Muslims keep bringing up the fact that many (if not most) terrorists are Muslim, and therefore by extrapolation, that Islam is not a peaceful religion, making the arguement that Islam is the "Religion of Peace".

If Islam truly is the "Religion of Peace", then why are so many Muslims terrorists? You doubt me on that? Then you need to go here, to see the list of terrorist acts perpetrated by members of the so-called "Religion of Peace".

The "Religion of Peace"? Hardly.

Hat tip: Littlebee55

Friday, October 14, 2005

Why the Libs don't seem to listen.

I have a young friend who is a liberal. I call him a friend because he is someone who has chosen to be friendly in spite of our political differences. He does try to influence me at various times and is puzzled that I seem to have more questions for him that he can't answer (or won't) without the leftist mantra showing up. He is also puzzled that I haven't started to yell and scream or lose my sense of humor while also trying to influence him. I have not been able to get him to acknowledge some things about conservative values aren't totally outside the realms of making sense. I was somewhat struck by the mantra of the left when he spoke about leaving this country for another because the policies of this country are "insane". I asked what came to mind and he immediately spoke of the "obscenity laws". When I asked him about them he spoke about the "parent's responsibility being to protect children and not society". He said it again even when I brought up the idea that children are preyed upon at the library by pedophiles. I also expressed my opinion that pedophiles out to have certain things done to them. I was unable to point out that society has put restrictions on free speech under several circumstances, most notably the yelling "fire" in a crowded theater, because I couldn't remember it. He made a comment about not having children because of the "over population of the world" that I had to let go due to our seperating and going our own ways at the end of the day's work. I think that he might just end up going to another country and finding out that the freedoms that he has taken for granted here in the US are not as freely given in other parts of the world, nor are they expected by the people. It is really sad to me, to think that there are people who allow others to think for them until their noses are rubbed in the problems. I remember one line about a liberal being someone who hasn't been mugged yet. He even piped up about the 2nd amendment and not liking it and him thinking that I would be in the same group that supposedly likes the 2nd better than the first... One answer to my title seems to me to be that they are content to look at things from the standpoint of their own limited experience and depend on others to think for them. Facts and complete information about things don't seem to influence a liberal since they belive what they "feel" to be the "truth".

Sunday, October 09, 2005

World Wide (Web) Takeover (Update)

This is an update to my previous post. As reported here, the UN wants the US to relinquish control of the Internet, so that they can run it. This would be a disaster of epic proportions, in light of UNSCAM, Darfur, Rwanda, etc., etc., etc. Fortunately, President Bush has given the UN his answer. A resounding NO!

But the future is uncertain in light of the fact that President Bush will be leaving office in 2008. Who will his successor be, and will he also tell the UN where to get off, or will he gleefully turn control of the Internet over to the scoundrels, cad, and knaves at the UN?

This is serious stuff, folks. Contact your representatives, and demand that legislation be enacted to prevent this.

Hat tip: Jay the Bear, over at
Bear Politics.

Further update - "The Independant" also weighs in on this, here.

Good Samaritans may face charges

As reported here, two gentlemen who tried to stop a car thief by ramming the stolen vehicle with their vehicles, may face charges of their own. Police are mulling things over, and are having a hard time figuring out if these guys are heroes for what they did, or if they should be brought up on charges.

I think they should be thanked, myself. Too few people today are willing to assist the police anymore, thinking, "It's not my problem. Let the cops handle it." Let's face it folks. There are too few cops out there, and far too many criminals who are getting away with far too many crimes. We need to stand up and be counted.

To the Eastside police agency's, I say, just say "Thank you for trying to help." to the two guys, and let it go at that.

Matt Margolis has started a new web site

Want to know what kind of shadiness your Dem representative or senator is up too? Check it out - it's all there in black and white, at No Agenda.

Hat tip - Hollie_is_right

Put a lid on the LID

As reported here, assessments on property owners along the planned South Lake Union street car trolley line apparently are way out of line. Some also fear their property taxes will go up as well.

The city is run by Dems, and they love taking and spending other people's money on projects that will benefit how many people?

If this project comes to life, the Dems will be reaching as far into the property owners, as well as the taxpayers, pockets as they can. Will the property taxes go up as well? You think?

Put a lid on the LID!

Is it time for England to change its' national flag?

As reported here, some think it is. Why? Because the red cross portion of the flag offends Muslims, because that is what English Crusaders wore during the Crusades. The Crusades happened several hundred years ago! Get over it!

What about the huge list of things about Muslims that offend me, such as forcing women to wear burka's; not allowing girls to be educated; female genital mutilation; arranged marriages; not assimilating themselves into the culture of their adopted countries, while forcing people in those countries to change their culture to suit Muslims? Killing innocent men, women, and children simply because they are not Muslims? What about these things? I could go on, and on, but I think I've made my point.

Because these things offend me, I demand that they stop doing them now! Seems reasonable to me.

Hat tip: lgf, via hollie_is_right

A picture of intolerance

As reported here, Ken Potts, a local Shoreline resident, veteran of the 101st Airborne Division with 3 tours in Vietnam, has been targeted for being a patriot, by vandals.

This is how Liberals show their "tolerance" of diverse viewpoints?

Giuliani mulls running in 2008

As reported here, former Mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani is thinking about whether to run for the Republican nomination for President in 2008.

I've been waiting for a while now to hear some names mentioned, and the possibility of Giuliani throwing his hat in the ring is very pleasing indeed!

On a side note, as a former Navy firefighter, I'd like to extend my thanks to the Danish firefighters who felt compelled to raise money for their FDNY brothers. Way to go guys!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

IFC Museum plans brought down

This past week, NY Gov. Pataki nixed the planned IFC at Ground Zero, saying the so-called "Freedom Center" Museum could be built elsewhere, but not right at Ground Zero (which caused the board of the IFC to pout, and say that they wouldn't build it at all - which is great, imo!).

Whatever articles that may appear in print, are going to be touting Gov. Pataki as the prime force of the ouster of this planned abomination, but in reality, the prime force behind the ouster (Gov. Pataki just made it official) is a West Chester, NY widow, wife of the pilot of the plane that flew into the Pentagon on 9/11.

Meet Debra Burlingame.

Thank you so much for all of your hard work and determination, Debra!

UN wants to control the Web?

Let me repeat that - The UN wants to control the Web?! According to this article, the International Telecommunications Union of the UN says it is ready, willing and able to take control of the Internet, should the US relinquish control. This would be a disaster of major proportions, effectively bringing to a grinding halt the freedoms enjoyed through the web.

Forget the McCain-Feingold Act, where bloggers may run afoul of campaign "reform" laws by touting a political campaign or cause. That's nothing compared to this! If the ITU gets it's way, free speech as we know it on the web will cease to exist, political or otherwise.

Although the Bush Administration has told the ITU that their idea is "unacceptable", and won't happen, we are one Dem administration away from seeing it happen.

Hat tip: Jay D. Dyson at Sacred Cow Burgers.

It's moral vacuity

The Bush bashing, anti-American, military hating, soft on Saddam, terrorism enabling MSM is taken to task in this excellent opinion piece by Clifford D. May.

"Dan the Man" has retired

It's been a while since I've posted anything about any of the local Seattle sports teams, but when I read this article, I had to.

Seattle Mariner's catcher, Dan Wilson - the last player from the 1995 team that ensured baseball would stay in Seattle - played his last game, catching the last pitches from his friend Jamie Moyer. Jon Paul Morosi of the P-I writes a very poignant piece.

Dan - thank you. Your class act will be missed.

Roberts confirmed as 17th Chief Justice

As reported here, the Senate overwhelmingly confirmed Judge John Roberts to be the new Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Half of the Dems voted for, while half voted against. Roberts is only 50, so he should serve for decades, which must really be torqueing off the Dems. Too bad. We've had to put up with Ginsburg for how long, now?

Great line in the article - "The vote reflected deep angst and disarray among Democrats ..." - which pretty much sums up the party as a whole, don't you think? Deep angst and disarray.

Mayor accused of misusing office

As reported here, the The Mayor of Seattle has had charges filed against him by the City Ethics and Elections Committee for using city resources to produce and mail out what they charge is campaign material. Mayor Nichols is up for re-election this year, and his eight page booklet, according to the description of it in the article, screams "It's all about ME!".

Of course, the Mayors office is disputing this, saying they're baffled by the charges.

In my opinion, that kind of neatly sums up the Mayors office - baffled.

Parents surprised by college loophole

As reported here, the Solomon Act, and the No Child Left Behind Act, provide military recruiters with contact information of students. Where the NCLB allows for parents of high school aged children to opt out of sharing contact information, the Solomon Act which covers colleges, does not have an opt out option, so, some people are getting surprised by calls from recruiters when their kids enrol in college. ("Oh, no! It's an evil military recruiter calling!!! What ever are we going to do?????")

But, colleges are legally required to provide the fact that recruiters will have access to contact information, and they do so in college handbooks and course catalogs. Parents who actually take the time to read these would find this out, and not be surprised, don't you think?

Flight 93 memorial conspiracy?

Recently, I received an e-mail from fellow blogger Alec Rawls, regarding my post of Michelle Malkins op-ed piece about the proposed Flight 93 Memorial design, which incorporates a red crescent of trees; as most people are aware, the Red Crescent is a Muslim symbol.

In his e-mail, Mr. Rawls presented - in great detail, I might add - things about the proposed Flight 93 Memorial that seem to scream CONSPIRACY! For example, there were 40 people on board flight 93 that were killed by 4 terrorists (or is it the other way around?), and in the proposed design, there are fourty four translucent blocks - blocks intended to honor the fallen. Why 44 blocks, and not just 40? Who are the extra 4 blocks in memory of, if not the terrorists?

Mr. Rawls has raised this, as well as many other intriguing questions in this post. Please take a look.

Conspiracy to honor terrorists? You decide.


Apparently, wiser heads have prevailed, and the design will be modified.

Hat tip: Jimmy Akin