Friday, September 24, 2010

"Pledge to America" Unveiled by Republicans

SeeBS News has obtained the full text of the pledge, which you can see here.

Highlights can be found
here, if you don't want to read the full 21 pages.

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You know what? There are already rumblings from some DA's (and, no, that does not stand for District Attorney) out there that this doesn't "go far enough".

Wait, what?

Ok, so maybe it's a little watered down from the Contract from the 1990's, but how long was that followed? Just long enough to get some people elected, that's how long. The cynics would say that the pledge is designed to accomplish the same thing - get some people elected.


But, maybe, this time, the people responsible for writing the pledge are really sincere, and did not do this for their own political gain, but in a genuine effort to return America to the path the Founders set us all upon. I would hate to think the pledge is about the former, and would bet my last dollar that it's the latter, instead.

Now, here's a bit of advice to all of the DA's in the world - sit down, and STFU. Listening to you DA's has only put us in this deep hole, and I think it's time for the grown ups to take over, ok?

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