Sunday, June 21, 2009

Thoughts on Iran

I've been watching the goings on in Iran with some interest, and have been inspired by the way the Iranian people are standing up to the theocratic dictators as they demand their freedom. The reaction of the theocratic thugs has been predictable - beatings, using water cannons, arrests, and yes, even killings.

For years now, our government administration (both Democrat and Republican) has been urging the Iranian people to rise up, and now that they have, what is our current administration doing? Nothing. Apparently government run universal health care is more important at the moment, as Charles Krauthammer notes here. Iran is ripe for the plucking right now - the plucking from the hands of the dictators the fundamental individual rights of freedom for the Iranian people - and the idiot "in charge" here is in so far over his head that he has no idea what an opportunity for real "Hope and Change" is laid out before him. Disgusting.

As I've been watching what has been happening in Iran, one thing has struck me as quite amazing. The Iranian women. They are considered second class citizens in present Iranian culture (fostered and enforced by the theocratic thugs in power), and yet it is they who are, many times, in the forefront of the protests. Minus their hijabs (head coverings), I might add. They have the most to lose by putting themselves in the forefront, yet they also have the most to gain - their personal freedom from the tyranny of the theocratic thugs.

Let us hope that those who are rising up will prevail in their quest for freedom, and not the thugs who want to suppress them.

H/T for the Charles Krauthammer link - specialrpt, posting in quicknews.