Thursday, October 25, 2007

Liberty outraged over grave desecration

As reported here, [t]o Jeremy Burris the word "liberty" was more than the name of his hometown. It was something worth fighting for.

An all-American kid from a little all-American town, the 22-year-old Marine lance corporal died heroically in Iraq. More than a thousand people turned out Wednesday as a white hearse carried his body to burial in the historic 1800s Cooke Memorial Cemetery.

Within hours, the grave was desecrated. About 30 sprays of flowers were ripped apart, petals strewn over the loose earth. Flags decorating the gravesite were also torn down and sentimental notes and posters shredded.

Fortunately, Allison Funeral Service employees already restored it.

I'm angered by this. I mean, Jeremy Burris fought for this country, died for this country, defending the rights we have as citizens of this nation (including the right to protest something you don't like), and this is how he is repaid for his sacrifice? This is total disrespect.

To the persons responsible for this outrage. If you don't like the military, don't like the fact that our troops are over in Iraq fighting those who would like nothing better than to kill you, that's fine. That's your right. A right that Jeremy stood up to protect., whether you like that or not. The fact that you probably don't like the military or the war in Iraq, DOES NOT give you the right to do what you did.

I hope you get stupid and brag about what you did, and that someone who you brag to rats you out. You deserve to spend a long time in jail.

To the family of LCpl Burris - my heart goes out to you both for the loss of your son, and for what happened to his grave. As a veteran of the US Navy, I also want to thank you for the sacrifice that Jeremy made.

Semper Fi!

H/T dogmaticus