Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tunneling Near Iranian Nuclear Site Stirs Worry

As reported here, [t]he sudden flurry of digging seen in recent satellite photos of a mountainside in central Iran might have passed for ordinary road tunneling. But the site is the back yard of Iran's most ambitious and controversial nuclear facility, leading U.S. officials and independent experts to reach another conclusion: It appears to be the start of a major tunnel complex inside the mountain.

The question is, why? Worries have been stoked by the presence nearby of fortified buildings where uranium is being processed. Those structures in turn are now being connected by roads to Iran's nuclear site at Natanz, where the country recently started production of enriched uranium in defiance of international protests.

The answer to that question is fairly simple and straightforward, and I've posted about this many times before - Iran's leaders want Iran to become a nuclear power, possessing nuclear weapons, so they can pursue their dream of recreating the Caliphate with them at it's head, on a world-wide basis. They want to Islamicise the entire world - whether anyone else wants them to or not - and to do this they feel that they need to have nuclear weapons, regardless of how many times they deny that they desire a source of nuclear energy, "for peaceful purposes", and not nuclear weapons.

If they do manage to produce nuclear weapons (through their own means and the ineptitude of the rest of the world), they will first bully their neighbors in the region to bow to their will under threat of nuclear holocaust, and then once they have consolidated their hold over the Middle East, they will then turn their eyes north to Europe and Russia, and east to China. Once they have Europe, Russia, and China under their influence, they will then look to the US, using resources they will be able to obtain from Europe, Russia and China (i.e. ICBM's), to try to make us bend to their will as well.

Will the world sit back and simply allow Iran's leaders see their plans come to fruition? I don't see much happening that will stop Iran's leaders at the present time. Hopefully, those in power now and those who will be in power in the near future will wake up, before it's too late.

specialrpt reporting in quicknews

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Independence Day

On this day in 1776 brave men on these shores issued a declaration of independence from the most powerful nation on earth at the time, England, over abuses perpetrated by George III, that they felt had no other means of remedy.

They did so knowing that they were putting their liberty, and their very lives, at great risk, while at the same time not knowing if their venture would bear the fruits of success, since the Colonies had no friends, and few resources to match up against the formidable power and wealth of England.

But one thing they did know. They had to throw off the chains of servitude, in order to live the life of free men, governing themselves in a just and equitable manner.

Military defeat after military defeat ensued, but the resolve of those involved in the fight for freedom never wavered in the main, and eventually things began to turn around for the beleaguered colonists, until at long last, England was convinced that there was no possibility that they were going to be able to hold on to their former colonies, and the United States of America became a reality.

Without the perseverance and resolve of the Founding Fathers, without their belief in the rightness of their cause, where would we be today? The answer to that is unknowable, although this writer suspects that we would not be in the position of prominence that we enjoy today. I also suspect that we would enjoy the freedoms that we have today, in the form that we have them, and at least to me, that is unthinkable.

As we celebrate our nations birthday today, I ask that you take a moment to think on what it took to create this nation 231 years ago today, and be thankful.

Be safe, folks, and enjoy today! ;)