Sunday, July 31, 2005

Libertarian Party is at it again

As reported here, the Libertarian Party has moved to seize, via emminent domain, the 167 acre property of Supreme Court Justice Breyer, to turn it into a "Constitution Park", echoing efforts to seize Justice Souter's home for a hotel. Both Breyer and Souter voted to allow governments to seize private property through invoking emminent domain, for whatever reason.

Will either effort succeed? Only time will tell, but I'm finding this to be deliciously amusing.

Kudos to the Libertarian Party!

Senate passes bill to protect gun manufacturers from frivoulous lawsuits

As reported here, the Senate passed a bill to protect gun manufacturers from frivoulous lawsuits; of course, Washington States Sen.'s Murray and "Can't-do-well" both voted against the bill - no surprise there. What this bill does is protect the manufacturers of a legal product from lawsuits over improper/illegal use of their product, putting the responsibility on the illegal/improper use of that product on those who perpetrate the crime. Now the House needs to get on board.

Folks, a gun is a tool, just like a hammer is a tool. It is neither "good" nor "evil". A hammer can be used to inflict injury or death upon an individual, but does anyone out there want a ban on, say, 12 pound sledge hammers just because those hammers can inflict extreme injury on someone? Of course not. Hammers, even 12 pound sledge hammers are merely tools, and when used properly are quite effective tools. However, when used improperly, they can cause injury or death, but is that the fault of the hammer? In a word, no. It is the fault/responsibility of the person using the hammer.

This principle also applies to guns, but liberals just don't get that.

Convicted Terrorist Ressam gets 22 years

As reported here, convicted terrorist Ahmed Ressam will possibly spend a minimum of 14 (out of 22 years) in prison. Why only 14 years? He's getting credit for time served, plus there is a possibility that he may receive a drop for good behavior.

Ahmed Ressam is the terrorist who was caught back in 1999 with a bomb in the trunk of his rental car, which he planned on using at Los Angeles International Airport during the Millenium Celebrations.

Ahmed Ressam is also the terrorist who was cooperating with the FBI, until he learned that he was being referred to as ... a terrorist (gasp!), at which time he went into a major pout, and clammed up, saying he was offended by being called a terrorist. Now his Federal Public Defender, Tom Hillier, says that Ressam has renounced terrorism, and shouldn't be called that anymore because it hurts Ahmed's feelings. IF Ressam has indeed renounced terrorism, then he should be willing to continue to cooperate with the FBI, regardless of what he is called in the media!

In my book, anyone caught with a bomb, who was planning on blowing up airplanes - and the people in them - is a terrorist! Plain and simple!

Note to Ahmed - if the shoe fits, wear it.

Voyeurism is not a crime against a person in Washington State?

In this liberal enclave, known as Washington State, where the Dem dominated Legislature passes "nanny" laws williy-nilly, voyeurism is not considered a crime against a person? Not even if the voyeurism is directed at young teenagers? I'm amazed, appalled, and outraged all at the same time by this!

As reported here, a Tumwater man, Donald Mason was caught videotaping young teens (both boys and girls) as they were using a pool side restroom facility, and after his initial court appearance, he was allowed to post a measly $2,500.00 bond - the bond was that low, because voyeurism is not considered a crime against a person!

Fortunately, wiser heads prevailed, and Mr. Mason was re-arrested, and this time the bail was set at $50,000.

If Mr. Mason is convicted of the three charges against him, he should be classified as a Level 3 sex offender (highly likely to re-offend), and be sent to McNeil Island with the rest of the perverts.

I hope that at least one member of our State Legislature is outraged enough to sponser a bill making this a felony level crime, no matter the age of the victim(s)!

Note to the Legislature - do the right thing, and pass a law making this a crime against a person!

Hanoi Jane is at it again!

As reported here, Hanoi Jane is at it again, taking her uber-lib screeching on the road to protest the Iraq War. Just what we need - another leftard, washed up Hollywood elite (who only made it in Hollywood because of her father - certainly not because she has/had any talent) going out of her way to undermine morale of American troops engaged in combat. 'Crocodile tear', fake-apology to Vietnam vets aside, didn't she learn anything from that?

Note to Hanoi Jane - sit down, and shut up! You're irrelevant. Traitor!

Seattle City officials defend higher energy use in new building.

As reported here, Seattle City officials are defending the higher energy use in their new building. I posted earlier about this here. Now, I'm a Facilities Maintenance Technician by trade, and the excuses the city officials used to defend the higher energy use in the new building seem pretty flimsy to me.

KC Council nixes purchase of new building

KC Executive Ron "King" Sims has been lobbying the County Council to buy a building in South Seattle for a while now, to supposedly group all of the Elections offices in one place, even though the County is in the process of building a new building! And this is during a tight budget period?

Fortunately, as reported here, those plans have been halted - for now - by of all people, Council member Bob Ferguson, a Democrat!

While I applaud Mr. Ferguson's efforts, the Council still voted to approve $75,000 to develop criteria for building owners to pitch buildings to the Council, that they may want to sell to the county. To me, the county should develop space in their new building to house the Elections office, and spend that $75,000 there, but they won't. I suppose that spending $75,000 is better than spending the $22.8 million dollars it would have taken to purchase and renovate the other building.

Kudos to Bob Ferguson for saying "NO!" to "King" Sims!

Is Europe coming around finally?

In this piece by Pete Du Pont, he asks the question, "Is Old Europe finally learning that it must join in the Global War on Terror?". (Free subscription required)

My questions are, is Europe with us in the GWOT, or are they simply wanting this "mess" to just "go away"? Are things changing in Europe now, or not?

Read the piece by Mr. Du Pont, and see for yourself if Old Europe really is starting to finally come around, and let me know what you think.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Two milestones for us

Well, we have reached two milestones in our brief blogging existence.

The first is that we have, as of Friday, July 29th, 2005, hit the 500 mark for hits to our blog. Thank you to all who have visited us!

The second is that - at least at the time of this post, anyway - we are listed number 1 in a search result, ironically enough on a previous post I made about bestiality being legal in Washington State.

The first milestone, I must admit, is rather exciting for me, although the number 500 does pale in comparison to the "big boys", such as Powerline, Hugh Hewitt, Captain's Quarters, Little Green Footballs, or Chrenkoff's blog; heck, that number is even dwarfed by the number of readers one Seattle's local blogs, Sound Politics has. But, it is a milestone, nevertheless. I hope to build on that number in the coming weeks and months. Again, thank you to all who have stopped by.

The second milestone - being listed number 1 in a Yahoo search result - is also rather exciting. Why it had to be on that particular post, though, is rather mind boggling.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

A little humor for you to pass the time with

Iowahawk has a hilarious take on the "fill-in-the-blanks" form letters used by moonbat leftard outfits, and this looks like what you might see regarding their screeching about John Roberts being nominated to the Supreme Court.

Warning! Do not ingest liquid just prior to reading this, as this could cause damage to your monitor and/or keyboard when you spew said liquid caused by laughing out loud!

Hat tip: hollie is right

Who cares?

After two seperate terrorist attacks in London, what is a top priority in the minds of the opposition Conservative Party? Is it how to better ferret out potential terrorists? Is it about the use of deadly force by the London PD? Does it have anything to do with the Global War on Terror, at all?

Nope, none of the above, kids. What is a top priority to the Conservatives? The price of make up. Specifically the price Tony Blair has spent on make up, and make up artists, used for Mr. Blair's TV appearances. Who cares?

At a time when London has seen two seperate terrorist attacks, the opposition Conservative Party wants to know how much money Tony Blair has spent on make up for his TV appearances? Who cares? Is this really a priority? Who cares how much Mr. Blair spent? Do they loathe Mr. Blair so much that they demand to know this trivial bit of information, or are they just that desperate to try to put him in a "bad light"?

What utter, absurd, total nonsense!

He's demanding WHAT?!?!

Look who's demanding a release of all records. Yes, that's right, the man who refused to release all of his records during the presidential campaign, the junior Senator from Massachusetts, John "Christmas in Cambodia is seared, seared in my memory" Kerry. (Note to John - it never happened, pal.)

The same man who has yet to release all of his records despite repeated requests for him to do so, has the temerity, the absolute gall, to demand that Judge Roberts and the Bush Administration release all records pertaining to Judge Roberts - and he's not even on the Judiciary Committee!

If I were Judge Roberts, I would only release the same percentage of records as Kerry did, and refuse to release the rest until such time as Kerry releases all of his records for public review.

But that's just me. What the judge, and the Administration will do remains to be seen.

The end of free speech as we know it?

Sgt. Shaft, writing in the Washington Times, posts two letters regarding the move to amend the Constitution allowing the Congress to pass legislation to prohibit the desecration of the American flag.

Will an amendment to the Constitution giving Congress the power to prohibit the desecration of the American flag take away our rights to free speech? In a word, no.

Read both pages.

Terrorists theory of victory

Discouraged by the "news" coming from Iraq? Will the terrorists win? Well, don't be discouraged. James Jay Carafano, writing in the Washington Times says that there is no terrorist theory of victory, that all terrorists eventually end up dead or defeated. Which is as it should - and will - be.

AP Poll: Most in US expect another World War

As reported here, a recent poll conducted in both the US and Japan shows that 60% of Americans expect another world war is likely to occur in their lifetime, while only about 33% of Japanese expect it. In the poll, they keep referring to this next world war as World War III, which is incorrect, as we have already fought - and won - World War III, and we are now engaged in World War IV.

What was World War III, and what is World War IV, you ask?

World War III was the so-called "Cold War", fought between Communism and Capitalism, which began immediately after the end of WWII, with the blockade by Soviet forces of Berlin, and included the invasion of S. Korea by N. Korea and the Chinese; the rise to power in Cuba by Fidel Castro; the fall of Dien Bien Phu in Vietnam, with the subsequent pull out by the French, and partitioning of Vietnam into two countries; the Cuban Missile Crisis, where the Soviets installed, and then were forced to remove, ballistic missiles in Cuba; America's increased involvement in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, with our subsequent, shameful, abandonement of those three countries to the Communists.

The end of WWIII started in Poland, with the brave people of Poland bringing down the Communist regime, followed by the military build up by America, which eventually bankrupted the Soviet Union as they tried to match the US; followed by the unrest in the Balkan States, forcing the Soviets to withdraw; followed by President Reagan's famous demand to Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall. When that fell and Germany was reunited, along with the collapse of the Soviet empire, and the former vassal states of the Soviet Union gaining their freedom, WWIII came to an end.

WWIV, also known as the Global War on Terror, actually started in the 1990's with the first Gulf War when Iraq invaded Kuwait, followed by the attacks on our embassies, and the USS Cole, and then escalated on September 11th, 2001, which resulted in the overthrow of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, and the ouster of Saddam in Iraq, and continues to this day.

If anyone does not believe we are in a World War right now, you have your head in the sand, and are suffering from a major case of denial.

Safeco Chairman exploring whether to run for Senate in 2006

As reported here, former CEO, and current Chairman of Safeco Insurance, Mike McGavick has begun to choose top Republican strategists to help him explore whether he should run against Dem Sen. Maria "Can't-do-well" in 2006. Four people who have agreed to help McGavik are former Sen. Slade Gorton (who narrowly lost to "Can't-do-well"), and current KVI-570 radio talk show host, John Carlson, former Congresswoman Jennifer Dunn, and John Stanton, CEO and Chairman of Western Wireless - all heavy hitters in local and national politics.

Note to Maria - with people like these folks behind McGavik, you better bring your "A" game to the campaign. (But, even if you do, I still think you're going to lose.)

Sunday, July 17, 2005

The abortion debate that wasn't

This opinion piece by George Neumayr is a real eye opener, and if you are - like me - pro-life, it is a definite must-read!

Unborn children are increasingly being aborted if, through prenatal testing, they are found to have genetic defects, and in many cases, if it is merely suspected that they might have genetic defects.

If this practice had been available in the late 1940's to the 1950's, my sister-in-law who has MS, along with her sister who might also develope this disease, might have been aborted, so as to not be a "burden" to their parents in later life. If that had happened, my brother would have been deprived of his soul-mate, and his children, and I would have been deprived of my sister-in-law - a very bright, vivacious person - and my nephew and niece, and their children. There also exists the possibility that my brother, sister, and I would all have never been born, as we all carry some genetic defects that affect our health.

Eugenics is what this is called, which is the overt manipulation of the population to achieve "desirable" traits, first practiced in large part by the Nazi regime, who attempted to eliminate "undesirables" from their population. Is that where we as a society are headed? Do we really want to "play God", eliminating "undesirables" - people who are afflicted with such things as MS, spina bifida, palsy in all it's forms? How about blindness, or deafness? Why don't we just eliminate people who will need to wear glasses while we're at it. What kind of "message" are we sending to those with disabilities - are they really "undesirable", and have no place in society? What about Stephen Hawking, regarded as probably the most astute physicist ever - surpassing even Albert Einstein? Where would our current - and future - understanding of physics be without Hawking?

Why don't we hear more about this? Because it's a "dirty little secret" that the pro-abortionists - including "Madame Hillary" - don't want the rest of us to know about, that's why.

This practice needs more exposure, so that it can be stopped!

All-mail voting in King Co. proposed

As reported here, The Election Reform Task Force appointed by King County executive "King" Sims has come out with some recommendations as proposed by various commitees of the task force, one of which doesn't surprise me one bit, as it fits the Dems agenda of perpetrating voter fraud whenever and however they can - all mail-in voting. All mail-in voting makes it very simple to commit voter fraud. We already have evidence of that in last years elections, with dead people voting.

I am vehemently opposed to all mail-in voting, but there are some recommendations mentioned in the article that I do agree with. Hopefully, the all mail-in voting proposal will be flatly rejected out of hand. We'll just have to wait and see, I guess.

Rossi won't run for the Senate in 2006

As reported here, Dino Rossi has made it known that he will not run against Sen. Maria "Can't-do-well" in 2006, leaving open the possibility of matching up again against our current, so-called Governor in 2008.

There is an interesting list of potential candidates listed in the article, with one surprise name - to me, anyway - mentioned. Susan Hutchison, former news anchor at one of our local TV stations, who was fired from that station a few years back. I didn't know Susan was a Republican, but now that I do know, I am guessiong that I also now know why she was fired. You see, the station she used to work at is our local C-BS affiliate, and we all know which way that network leans, eh? In case you don't (and if you don't, you've been living in a cave somewhere!), C-BS is extremely liberal, and with Susan being a Republican ... well, all I can say is that I'm surprised they let her work there for as long as they did.

Thurston County Judge has overstepped his boundaries

Recently, a Thurston County judge ruled that a couple of local talk radio hosts - John Carlson and Kirby Wilbur on KVI - had made "in-kind" campaign contributions when they endorsed I-912 (the repeal of the unnecessary new gas tax foisted on us by the Dem dominated state legislature), and urged listeners to sign the initiative petition so that it would be on the November ballot. This vague and rambling ruling abridges political free speech, which is contrary to the First Amendment of the Constitution, and is based on this judge's vague and rambling interpretation of the McCain-Feingold Act.

Julia A. Youngs points out in this opinion piece just how wrong this is.

As fellow blogger reality hammer has stated, I will defend my right to political free speech with vigor, all the way to the Federal Supreme Court if needed. Just try to stop me!

This is pathetic!

This web site is digustingly pathetic! Haven't parents learned any better after the Jon Benet Ramsey case? What are they thinking? I wonder how many pedophiles are logging on to this web site?

Oh, and don't you just love the poorly done PhotoShop job on the eyes? Spooky, if you ask me!

Hat tip - hollie is right

Sunday, July 10, 2005

When will I learn?

I normally don't read the letters to the editor in either the PI or the Times since most of them are basically the regurgitation of drivel promulgated by the rest of the left. (Maybe in the future I will express how I really feel.) I did happen to see a letter today in the Seattle Times that again pushes the idea (totally unsupported) that the President is responsible for over a hundred thousand civilian deaths in Iraq. (I suppose that the facts of Saddam's butchery of over 300,000 makes no difference.) He also tried to repeat the blither about our war in Iraq being the cause of the trouble in London. I quote, "Bush's condemnation of the terrorist sounds hollow in the the context of his actions. He should be apologizing for creating an atmosphere that incites terrorism." When will I learn? These apologists for terror and mayhem will just keep thinking in terms of the United States is the biggest villian in the world and the Times and the PI will continue to print their letters over and above the ones that express the truth rather than unsupported leftist dogma. I will try to ignore the letters section since I get so incensed by the idiocies expressed.

California State Legislators are at it again

The knuckleheaded do-gooders in the California State Legislature are at it again, trying to pass more "good intention" bills, which will have dire consequences on that state's economy, and in other areas, if passed. Oh, and it wouldn't surprise me one bit if the knuckleheaded do-gooder legislators in Washington State will soon try to follow suit and try to enact similar legislation.

In this article in the Washington Times, we learn that the California State Legislature is trying to pass a couple of bills requiring gun and ammunition manufacturers to laser-imprint their products with tracking numbers to "assist" local law enforcement to track down guns used in crimes, and their owners. This is just wrong, wrong, wrong knuckleheadedness.

As stated in the article, enacting this legislation will do the following -

  • Destroy the ammunition manufacturing industry in California, costing lost jobs and tax revenues;
  • Cause normally law-abiding people who want to legally purchase guns and ammunition to do so out of state, also resulting in lost jobs and tax revenues;
  • Cost both the State and Federal governments money so that civilian police departments and the military can practice shooting - something inherently vital to the protection of the citizenry. What good are cops and/or soldiers who can't hit what they're shooting at?

What it won't do is keep criminals from obtaining guns and ammunition, contrary to what Sen. Diane Feinstein says.

A Seattle P-I editorial I actually agree with!

Which you can read here. It's about methamphetamine use and production being an epidemic, and that the Administration, for some unfathomable reason, is against increasing funding to local police to help fight it.

I'm a recovered (not recovering, thank you very much!) drug user, who with Divine help in the late 1970's, came to the realization that drugs are very bad for one's health. Even as I was using drugs - and I never used meth, thank God! - I knew that if I didn't stop, I would die before I hit 21 years of age. I came to that realization when I was 20, by the way, and next year I'll hit the big "five-oh".

I stated that to say this. Over the past several years, there have been numerous reports of raids on meth factories in the Pacific Northwest, which are usually located in people's homes. Homes that become so contaminated by the chemicals used in the production of meth that they become hazardous waste sites, requiring officials to put on hazmat suits just to be able to go inside to clean the places up.

Most of the time, these homes where meth was being cooked, are filthy beyond belief. But, I suppose that when you are making and using meth, cleanliness goes way down on the priority list. Also found in these homes converted to meth factories, and this is the really disturbing part, are the children of the meth producers/users. Young children. Children who are exposed to not only the hazards inherent in the production of meth, but also to their parents, and their partents friends, using the drug. Children almost invariably look up to their parents as role models, don't they?

I think the Federal Government is making a very bad mistake here, pooh-poohing the idea that meth production and use has reached epidemic proportions. The production and use of meth is spreading across our nation, as a wild fire spreads through dry forest, and steps need to be taken NOW to stem the tide.

Two different political developments in Washington State

In the first, proponents for Initiative 912 - to repeal the recently enacted, and unnecessary, gas tax hike - submitted over 400,000 signatures, which virtually guarantees that it will be on the November ballot. Opponents were shocked - shocked I tell you! - that the backers of I-912 were able to gather that many signatures in such a short period of time. I'm not.

In the second, apparently some people aren't suffering from "cranial-rectal syndrome", as the Pierce County Mail-in Advisory Task Force rejected a call to place a non-binding question regarding converting the voting process in Pierce County to be all mail-in voting, making it virtually impossible for that question to be put before the voters this November.

In case you're new to this blog, during the recent gubenatorial election and election challenge trial, I linked several times to Sound Politics, where Stefan Sharkansky explains why we should not go to all mail-in voting. If you don't want to check out their archives to find out why, I'll give you a brief explanation as to why that's a very bad idea - all mail-in voting makes it very easy to commit voter fraud.

"Revisionist Historian of the Year" Award goes to ...

May I have a drum roll, and the envelope please? Thank you. And our winner is? Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News!

Oliver North, via Red States, lists all of the reasons why Mr. Williams is so deserving of this dubious distinction.

I feel very let down by you Brian, after hearing your interview on Kirby Wilbur's show, prior to you taking over for Brokaw. I thought that the American public was going to get at least a moderate voice in you, but no, you have proven me wrong.

One question for you Brian - are you trying to follow in the footsteps of that idot moron who recently resigned his position at C-BS? If so, you've made a heck of a start.

The "hate crime" that wasn't

In this piece, Michelle Malkin dissects the "Muslim hate crime" that wasn't, and the knee jerk responses from the "victim-hood" crowd, and the anti-Americanism put on display once again by the MSM.

You know, there's an old adage that goes, 'Don't believe everything you hear.', that the leftists grabbed and ran amok with during the Viet Nam War, as they challenged everything put out by the government (some of which was justified, to be sure). But apparently that doesn't apply these days to their enablers in the MSM, as those who cried out in feigned outrage never bothered to take the time to check to see if what was reported was in fact actually true. They merely assumed it was, because it was reported in the "news"papers.

Note to moonbat leftists: Try checking facts before you go off next time.

Density doesn't make housing affordable

In this opinion piece, David C. Bloom blasts Mayor Nichols plan for increasing the density in our neighborhoods here in Seattle, as he states that affordable housing is decreasing at a time when we need more, not less, affordable housing.

Mr. Bloom is correct. In my neighborhood alone, over the past few years, I've seen several mixed use (commercial/retail/residential uses in the building) go up, and just out of curiosity, I checked into the prices being charged for the new condo's and apartments, and what I found should not be considered affordable to the average person or family.

Sample prices for condo's? $250,000.00 and up for a one bedroom unit. I don't know about anyone else, but I certainly can't afford that!

Sample monthly rents for apartments? $950.00 a month for a very small (think studio with a tiny bedroom) one bedroom unit, and that's just a starting point. They of course only go up from there. That's almost double what I'm paying for my 1920's vintage one bedroom apartment. And I know that these prices aren't isolated to new construction in just my neighborhood. As a matter of fact, prices in other neighborhoods are even higher!

Mr. Mayor, you have publicly stated that one of your "most important goals" is to increase the amount of affordable housing in Seattle, yet your plan results in fewer affordable housing units being built. In case you're not aware of this fact, Mr. Mayor, not everybody in Seattle works for Bill Gates!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Oh, the irony of it all! What's the Mayor going to do now?

This is just too humorously ironic! Our Mayor - "Mr. I-Love-Kyoto-And-I-Want-Everyone-Else-To-Love-Kyoto-Too" - moved City Hall from a 1960's vintage building into a new, supposedly "green" building, only to find out that the new building uses more electricity than the old building.

So, Mr. Mayor, what are you going to do now? Turn off the air conditioning in the summer, and like your mentor, the peanut farmer from Georgia, have everyone wear sweaters in the winter?

Oh, the irony of it all!

Monday, July 04, 2005

Poor writing costing taxpayers millions?

As reported here, poor writing skills are costing taxpayers millions of dollars, because public sector employees have to be sent to remedial writing classes? Why were they allowed to graduate from High Scholl if they couldn't form a simple sentence?

Oh, I forgot. They don't teach English anymore (you know - spelling, grammer, sentence structure, etc. - everything important to composition), they teach "Language Arts" now, where the emphasis is on expressing simple "feelings", rather than complex ideas. Thanks NEA, for wasting my tax dollars through your "touchy-feely", so-called "education" programs.

Voting right restoration process too difficult? Tough!

As reported here, the "do-gooders" are complaining that the felon voter restoration process is "too difficult". My response? Tough.

"Keeping people out of the loop, keeping people isolated from the larger community just
creates more prisoners,"
said Monifa Bandele, national field director for
Right to Vote, a New York-based advocacy group.

Sorry, Monifa, but that's wrong. Committing crimes creates more prisoners. If you want to stay "in the loop", not be "isolated from the larger community", and want to keep your right to vote, don't commit a felony. It's that simple.

I believe that if you are convicted of a felony, you should have to "jump through hoops" (as many as possible, too), in order for you to be included in the larger, law-abiding, community. The right to vote should be reserved only for those who obey the laws, not break them.

Teachers opposed to dress codes - for themselves

As reported here, teachers are upset at, and are opposed to, having to abide by dress codes for themselves. If students must abide by dress codes, then teachers certainly should be made to do so as well. After all, aren't they supposed to be role models for their students? The fact that members of the NEA are opposed doesn't surprise me one bit.

Thomas Sowell weighs in on property rights decision

Thomas Sowell weighs in on the property rights decision of the Supreme Court, here.

He explains what a ludicrous decision it is far better than I ever could. Read it.

Libs want say in Supreme Court nominee

As reported here, Liberals want President Bush to nominate a moderate for the opening seat on the Supreme Court, to avoid that nasty "F" word - no, not that "f" word, the other one - Filibuster. Since when does the President need to heed the advice of Liberals?

This is an absolute outrage!

As reported here, three baggage handlers at BMI Airport have been arrested for stealing items from baggage of troops going overseas to Iraq and Afghanistan. This is an absolute outrage!

They have been stealing things like DVD players, lap top computers, MP3 players, etc. Items that are intended by the troops to be able to communicate with family and friends, and to keep their spirits up while they put their lives on the line to keep the rest of us free.

I hope the prosecutor goes for the maximum sentence, and that the judge abides by that, and sends these ... well, the word I had in mind isn't a "polite" one ... three to jail for a long time!

Hat tip: hollie is right

It's ALL about 9/11

In this piece, Andrew C. McCarthy links - most effectively, I might add - what we are doing in Iraq with 9/11, and challenges the "nothing whatsoever" crowd to answer certain facts. If you still don't think Saddam had anything to do with 9/11, read this article. You might even have your eyes opened to the truth.

Hat tip: reality hammer

Widow urges President Bush to stay the course

As is his usual custom, President Bush met with the families of fallen soldiers prior to his speech at Ft. Bragg this past Tuesday, as reported here. Crystal Owen, the widow of Staff Sgt. Mike Owen gave the President a bracelet engraved with her husbands name, and that of Cpl. John Santos, who were both killed on the same day in Iraq. As she presented President Bush with the bracelet, she urged him to stay the course and not let the 1700 plus deaths in Iraq be in vain. The President wore the bracelet throughout his address to the nation.

Hat tip: Supedujour

Friday, July 01, 2005

Welcome to the world of "cerfdom"

Have you considered what the recent decision by the US Supreme court concerning the rights of eminent domain for local governments? What could they have been thinking? Governments at all levels have been waiting with baited breath for the decision so they could take all sorts of property from individuals and small neighborhoods for the "public good" such as businesses or hotels or other such private corporation use as opposed to a small home that doesn't bring in anywhere near the same level of tax revenue. This is the crux of the matter, tax revenues. They can't seem to think in terms of not spending so much, instead they think in terms of how can we get more revenue. And thinking that ordinary people "can't see the bigger picture" and just how much of an "improvement" that the local government can get from their property just fries me! Since when has government at any level had more sense and capability to know what and how to do with our resources? I hope that ordinary people can get together to let the "elites" know they have gone too far. We are supposed to be people who run the governments and it is turning into governments who are running us... Kind of like the middle ages when only the nobles owned property and the people living on it just paid for the priveledge...

When is a "little" better than a "lot"?

A few days ago I went to one of the big lumber/hardware/appliance stores in the area for a heavy guage wire to make some croquet wickets. I only needed three wickets or about six feet. Once upon a time you could get the amount you needed without having to buy a hundred unit box of something. I couldn't get the wire I needed from the first store I went to. I went to another, same story except one of the customer helper folks pointed out that I could buy a roll of wire of the correct guage... The roll was for 100 feet. Sheesh! What in the world do I need 94 more feet than I wanted for? I then went to one of the more local lumber stores and they promptly provided the item that I wanted and in the quantity that I wanted for a ridiculously low price. Amazing!!! I got three pieces of insulation wire for $.06 plus $.01 in sales tax (a sore subject that I find it difficult to discuss without turning red in the face and nearly screaming in frustration about) and probably spent well over a dollar in gas (ANOTHER sore subject due to this state's insistance that we pay the highest prices for) BUT I got my wire. There are reasons to buy large quantities of TP or paper towels or any number of things, one of which is simply so you don't have to go out to buy more for a time. I miss the local lumber/hardware store sometimes, I don't miss the higher prices maybe but the ability to buy just a "little" rather than a "lot" sometimes helps alleviate the pain of higher prices. By the way, the box of insullation wire that I would have had to purchase at the big store was over $10 for 200 pieces and the roll of wire was over $8. I asked if they had smaller quantities of what I needed and it was a negative answer. So when I found what I wanted at the local and paid for it I was thinking that I will go more to the local and less to the bigs. I wonder if the bigs will start to feel the customer's complaints if the customer starts using the locals again or if some of the locals treat people like individuals with small AND large needs...